Are you migrating your accounting firm to the cloud?

According to an AICPA study, when CPAs envision the near future, they see the cloud. 90% of CPAs surveyed agreed that digital business processes are becoming key differentiators among accounting firms.

If you have been tasked with moving your small or midsize firm to the cloud, you may be worried about certain issues, including:

  • Will our clients’ personal data be safe in the cloud?
  • Is my IT infrastructure hardened against ransomware and malware?
  • Who can we trust to do the migration expertly, with minimal downtime?
  • How will the move affect tax season and year-round productivity?

Worry no more! With CloudDesks affordable, private cloud services you get:

  • Increased productivity. Our secure, off-site cloud servers ensure that your applications are always up and running, especially during tax filing season.
  • Convenient, secure remote access. Your employees can access their virtual desktops securely from anywhere – including home and client locations – and on any device.
  • Easy scalability. When extra staff is needed during peak tax times, we can easily add more virtual desktops. You don’t need to buy extra software or hardware.
  • Reduced IT staffing costs. Outsourcing IT to CloudDesks means you don’t need a large IT staff for software updates and server fixes.
  • 24/7/365 tech support. You get support faster since IT infrastructure is taken care of virtually, on-line.
  • Protection for your sensitive client data. We protect your client data from hackers, ransomware and viruses with state-of-the-art antivirus software and cyber security measures.
  • Need enterprise-quality backup. We backup our system and your data both locally and off-site. Remember your backup is your ultimate weapon against malware, hackers and ransomware!

When you work with CloudDesks, we take the hassle out of moving your CPA firm to the cloud. We can virtualize your entire IT environment – hardware, software, and even support. We expertly migrate your firm’s on-premise software applications, such as QuickBooks and Practice CS, and then handle all software maintenance and updates.

Get world-class, cloud-based IT solutions

CloudDesks offers accounting firms state-of-the-art IT environments with affordable, monthly per-user subscription rates. Learn more about CloudDesks features and benefits, find out how you can try our services before you buy and then contact us to get started.