1If you run a small or medium-sized organization, you deserve the same IT infrastructure as FORTUNE 500 businesses at a cost you can afford. Today this is possible because of cloud computing offered by CloudDesks.

We can virtualize your IT environment – hardware, software, and even support. This means your IT staff no longer has to worry about fixing obsolete physical servers, desktops or laptops; or managing software versions and patches. You access your Windows desktops streamed to your PC over the internet. And you get support faster from our 24/7/365 tech team since the infrastructure is taken care of virtually, on-line.

What’s more, your executives, employees and independent contractors can access the data, files and applications they need securely, from any device at any location. Imagine how team productivity will soar!

Additionally, you now have the same incentives and goals as your IT provider. We make money by minimizing downtime and system failure, rather than billing by the hour for “break-fix” work like traditional IT firms.

With CloudDesks, you get all this at one affordable per-user fee, for less than you’d probably expect.

If you’re ready to learn more about the CloudDesks virtual computing solutions, contact us today!