Protect your data from the growing threat of ransomware attacks

Did you know1

79% of small business owners have no cyber response plan in place

$7,000 is the average cost of a small business attack

430 million new, unique pieces of malware were discovered in 2015

The bad guys just don’t quit. All it takes is for one of your employees to click on an infected email and your business can be hit with a ransomware attack. Within moments, your on-premise computers and stored files are locked – until you pay hackers thousands of dollars to get them released.

Don’t learn about ransomware the hard way. CloudDesks can help you prevent these nightmarish attacks on your business with our virtualized IT environment:

  • All your files are securely stored and backed up on our cloud servers. We run nightly backups both locally and to the cloud. The backup files are not accessible by CloudDesks users (even System Admin users), cutting off a prime avenue of ransomware attack!
  • Your employees use virtual desktops hosted on our servers, so the chances for hackers to get access are minimized.
  • Data is protected 24/7 with highly rated, state-of-the-art Kaspersky Labs security solutions.
  • Our Data Center is protected 24/7/375 with on-premises security, two types of biometric access control and card and key access. All access to the facility is logged and controlled.
  • Software is updated weekly. We ensure all software and security patches are installed to ward off newly discovered threats.
  • You get 24/7/365 support. The bad guys don’t take a vacation, so we don’t either.

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1 No Hackers Allowed, magazine, March 2017.