Move your legal practice’s IT to the cloud for increased security and safety

As more law practices adopt cloud-based IT solutions, you may be wondering if migrating to the cloud is right for your small or mid-size firm. You may be concerned about certain issues, including:

  • Will our clients’ confidential information be protected in the cloud?
  • Will we have constant and secure access to the firm’s software, files and emails?
  • How does having our hardware, software and support in the cloud impact our ethical and compliance obligations?
  • How will the cloud benefit partners and attorneys who work at multiple offices or remote locations?

Talk to CloudDesks. We are expert at addressing the ethical, compliance, data access and security, and remote access needs associated with migrating your law firm’s IT environment to the cloud.

With our affordable, private cloud services you get:

  • Ensured data confidentiality. We follow best practices for data encryption, security and compliance, which are aligned with the legal profession’s ethical obligations to safeguard client files.
  • Convenient, secure remote access. Your partners and attorneys can access the firm’s applications, documents and email seamlessly and securely anytime, anywhere, from any device. The desktop they work on remotely is the same desktop they use in the office. Remote access to IT gives your firm access to non-traditional employees who need work-at-home capability.
  • Scale up on work-from-home. CloudDesks allows your lawyers and staff to work on the road and from home, enabling more flexible staffing and happier employees.
  • Secure file storage and backups. We run nightly backups both locally and to the cloud. The backup files are not accessible by CloudDesks users (even System Admin users), cutting off a prime avenue of ransomware attack!
  • Easy scalability. We know law firms generate huge amounts of data. That’s why our data storage can be easily and securely scaled to handle increases in data volume, so you’re covered when your firm is working on a big case. Similarly, when extra staff is needed, more virtual desktops can be easily added.
  • Controlled IT costs. Outsourcing IT to CloudDesks means you don’t need a large IT staff for software updates and server fixes. You pay a flat, per-user fee each month.
  • 24/7/365 tech support. You get support faster since IT infrastructure is taken care of virtually, on-line.

Get world-class, cloud-based IT solutions

CloudDesks offers state-of-the-art IT environments with affordable, monthly per-user subscription rates. Learn more about CloudDesks features and benefits, find out how you can try our services before you buy and then contact us to get started.